SurfacePad for iPhone 6 is a new breed of protection for iPhone. Feather light and credit card thin, SurfacePad for iPhone adheres to, and wraps around, iPhone 6.

Rather than protecting your iPhone from falling off the side of a cliff, the luxury leather SurfacePad shields your iPhone from more common hazards, like the keys in your pocket. This minimalistic, napa-leather cover also has a built-in stand for hands-free iPhone use. It’s the perfect cover for those who have an iPhone, and are not afraid to show it.

The packaging has been updated with a new tri-fold design featuring lifestyle photography and is exactly the same size as iPhone 6 skus to present a uniform look in Retail.

• Wrap iPhone in a thin, genuine leather jacket
• Watch videos and FaceTime with built-in stand
• Carry your ID and Bank Card in two convenient pockets
• Securely adheres to back of iPhone, leaving no residue when removed


  • Passar tilliPhone 6/6s