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The first is a glue-on Locking Plate with a built in security slot.

The second is a strong steel cable which will discourage any thief.

Loop the cable around a fixed object and secure the locking head into the locking plate on the iPad.

Why do you need to protect your iPad?

Here are some reasons that should have you shaking in your iPants:

• You’ve spent a small fortune on something that has become invaluable to you. So why not spend a fraction of that cost to protect it? You lock up your car, don’t you?

• You store valuable information on your iPad and it automatically logs into your e-mail accounts, social networks and maybe even financial accounts. Do you really want someone
walking away with all that?

• Computer theft is said to affect nine out of 10 companies; IT managers have estimated that 45% of thefts would be prevented if a lock were deployed. CL15-UTL