2-in-1 desk stand and hand strap holder for iPad/tablet

The Macally SpinGrip is a 2 in 1 stand and iPad/tablet holder, ideal for home, school and office use.
The SpinGrip offers many stand options. First of all, you can (fully) rotate the base and easily share
the contents on your iPad/tablet with someone sitting next to you. Then, you can adjust the angle
between 15 and 80 degrees for the best viewing angle. And finally, you can easily swivel the holder
between portrait and landscape mode.

Most of the times you will use the SpinGrip as a stand on your desk, but sometimes you need to get
up and take your iPad/tablet with you. The SpinGrip2 allows you to easily detach the holder from the
stand and strap it securely to your hand with the velcro hand straps. Like this you can carry your
iPad/tablet comfortably in your hand. The Macally SpinGrip is available at an MSRP of €24,95.

• Fully rotatable base to share iPad/tablet contents with others
• Adjustable 15 to 80-degree angle for an improved viewing comfort
• Swivel holder supports portrait and landscape mode
• Detachable swivel holder with hand straps for usage on-the-go
• Adjustable velcro hand straps comfortably accommodate different hand sizes·
• Specially designed extensible heavy duty elastic bands to securely hold 7" to 11" tablets

• 7" to 11" tablets

Technical specifications:
• Dimensions: 8.4”/213 mm (L) x 8.4”/213 mm (W) x 9.7”/246 mm (H)
• Weight: 295 g

Package contents:
2 Elastic bands (large and small size)
User guide