The FortiSwitch-300 series family is ideal for the next generation of LAN switch upgrade where higher productivity is achieved through faster transfer times over dedicated Gigabit Ethernet (GE) connections. The FortiSwitch-324B switch utilizes a 24-port interconnect fabric with 48Gbps of non-blocking switching capacity.

This managed switch also provides VLAN segmentation capability for voice, video, data and wireless traffic support. The FortiSwitch-324B-POE is packaged in a compact 1RU form factor and designed to connect network devices to the Ethernet fabric without costly modifications, thereby reducing your overall deployment costs.

The built-in Power over Ethernet power supply in FortiSwitch-324B-POE provides up to 185 Watts of power, shared among all 24 ports. In a typical office setting you can connect PCs/printers and power the wireless APs and VOIP phones. All ports are capable of sourcing 15.4 Watts of power and the first 4 ports are high power ports capable of sourcing up to 30 Watts for demanding devices such as high power wireless access points or motorized security cameras. FS-324B-POE