Artwizz Rubber Clip

Translucent complete protection for MacBookAir 11", made of polycarbonate, velvet matte finish

• High-quality, translucent plastic protective clip for the top and bottom
• Extremely lightweight and durable
• Thin look, thanks to 1.2 mm thickness
• Soft-touch coating creates a matte finish and a comfortable grip
• On the bottom: ventilation slots and rubber feet for increased stability

Say adios to scratches and marks: the ideal all-around protection for your MacBook Air 11” with a distinguished look.

Work on your MacBook Air 11” while protecting it? The translucent Artwizz Rubber Clip makes that possible. Combine perfect protection with pure ease. High-quality and a custom-fit: the two shells simply “click” on to the MacBook with the provided brackets and sit securely on the device. The Artwizz Rubber Clip optimally protects against scratches and other signs of wear, and has a wonderful design.

The aluminum finish of the MacBook Air 11” is maintained and shines through the translucent clip. The air circulation of the MacBook Air 11” is supported by the notches and the raised feet on the bottom of the ArtWizz Rubber Clip.

Enjoy all-around protection and access all ports at any time. Artwizz Rubber Clip for MacBook Air 11" is available in green, purple and black. 4418-1202


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